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Attended a Moms for Liberty Event

Mar 24, 2022

Scott takes an opportunity to attend a Carroll County Chapter of Moms for Liberty meeting. This meeting included guest speaker Gordana Schifanelli, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Debra and I celebrated Maryland Day Eve with the fledgling but flourishing Carroll County Chapter of Moms for Liberty. Their palpable dedication to their mission to "stoke the fires of liberty" to fight for our children is inspirational and infectious. They accomplish this mission by holding leaders accountable, spreading awareness, opposing government overreach, and engaging on key issues, such as indoctrination, vaccine and mask mandates, and safety (violence, drugs).

I encourage both moms and dads to research and join Moms for Liberty and their selfless efforts on behalf of our children, as well as support their strong allies running for Board of Education - Battaglia, Miller, and Whisler (BMW for BOE).

The guest speaker was Gordana Schifanelli, an extremely intelligent, charismatic, witty, and engaging candidate for Lieutenant Governor and running mate of Delegate Dan Cox. She not only epitomizes devoted motherhood for her comparably successful sons, but she embodies proud American citizenship. As Kosovo-born lawyer married to a Veteran, she is all too familiar with the pitfalls of tyrannical communism shrouded in "democratic socialism." Gordana has championed conservative principles for Queen Anne's County (as she will for all of Maryland), fought ferociously for students and parents, and staunchly backed our military and police.

Learn more about Moms for Liberty and the Carroll County, MD chapter by visiting their Facebook page.

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