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Campaign Platform

Scott wants to share his take on issues that impact the citizens of Carroll County. Included below are general bullets and then more specific responses to surveys and questionnaires from various organizations.

General Bullet Points

The following bullet points highlight Scott's campaign platform. Scott frequently elaborates on these points through his speeches, social media posts, conversations, and events. You can find more detailed responses to various issues in the next section containing the surveys/questionnaires. 

  • Preservation of natural resources and farmland with sound environmental science, not environmentalism

  • Linking agriculture and skilled trades unions opportunities with Carroll County schools

  • Replace Cancel Culture with bipartisan dialogue

  • Retain Maryland talent within Maryland with more favorable business policies

  • Educational and experiential background to oppose vaccine and mask mandates

  • Promote the confirmation of constitutionally aligned judges who respect separation of powers

  • Place animal welfare before animal rights agendas

  • Protect the honor of selfless servants – military, police, firefighters, and first responders

Survey/Questionnaire Responses


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