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Scott Willens

Candidate for Westminster City Council

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Introducing Scott Willens

Welcome Westminster City friends and neighbors. I will be your liaison and voice on the City Council.


Our City of Westminster has so much to offer, from rich history and heritage, to exceptional schools, business opportunities, and growth. How do we bridge what's best of our past and present, diversity of culture and ideas, and lifelong residents and newcomers? ONE WESTMINSTER - Safety, Prosperity, Accountability.


As a parent, concerned about the safety of our children and community, I will support and enable all levels of law enforcement in their ongoing mission against violence and drugs.


As a business owner, I am excited to make your business my business in Westminster. Being a successful animal hospital owner, I will champion your growth and prosperity, appreciating the economic challenges you have had to overcome.


Encouraged to join the U.S. Army in the wake of 9/11, I have served in Iraq and at multiple installations in Maryland and understand the critical and unique missions of our military and the sacrifices of our Veterans. I am privileged to serve on the Board of Directors for the Carroll County Veterans Independence Project (CCVIP) and lifetime membership in the Westminster VFW Post 467.


Fiscal accountability, stewardship, and transparency should be expected of all public servants. I have managed annual military budgets funded by taxpayers on the order of tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as my animal hospital. I will make review of Westminster's zoning a priority, last scrutinized in 1996.


I live in Westminster with my wife, Debra, and my son, Matthew. We have two rescue beagles named Daisy and Leonidas and an off the track thoroughbred named Winner. We're looking forward to meeting you on the campaign trail.


I will serve the City of Westminster as I have served America.


Authority: Friends of Scott Willens; Connie Vavosa, Treasurer

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